Water Fishing Net

Water Fishing Net its a water container developed in Jose de la O's workshop The Chair that Rocks. The aim of the project is to reactivate the local craftmanship and economy of a small town in the eastern coast of Mexico called Tlacotalpan, a place full of culture and craft traditions that are close to their extintion.

The challenge was to design and build a product using local resources and traditional crafts from the region.

The use of clay pieces for transport and storage of water has been preserved since pre-Hispanic times by Mexican communities because it keeps the water fresh and gives it a distinctive flavor. Water Fishing Net has the purpose of keeping fresh water at hand in a contemporary context.

As a final result, local pottery and weaving techniques for fishing nets were applied in a hanging container redesigned for the contemporary home. Its round shape and open mouth were obtained due to the molds used (jícara), used for hundreds of years.

It is manufactured with clay extracted from the region and fishing net knitted by a local fisherman.