Monterrey is a Mexican city recognized for its mountains, sometimes called "city of the mountains".

The city of Monterrey is located in a valley on the side of the Sierra Madre Oriental, a large mountain range in northeastern Mexico. Thanks to this, Monterrey is located in a privileged place full of biodiversity and impressive scenarios of cliffs formed by this mountain chain full of reliefs. Within the natural icons of the city we can find as main the "Cerro de la Silla", followed by the mountain chain where the "Parque Ecológico Chipinque" and the "Ecological Park La Huasteca", the "Cerro de las Mitras" are located. among others.

"Montañés" abstracts this unique topography composed of series of ridges. These crests are represented by basic geometries, vertical rectangles for height and angles for the top of the crest.

To give a sense of depth, colors were taken that the mountains appear depending on the distance with respect to the observer. The closer the green color is perceived, the farther the blue color becomes.