F A R Q x P O L Y B I O N


  1. That there is no end in virtue of which it begins where it ends.
  2. Pass or transmit something to other people.

Sample of projects developed by students of the Industrial Design career of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, in the subject of Design and Business taught by Gerardo Sandoval Osio and advised by Pedro Arturo Ruiz, together with POLYBION, an environmentalist company that develops biomaterials.

POLYBION is a technology company that develops and begins to market biomaterials, which are cultivated instead of manufactured, derived completely from nature and reabsorbed by it. These materials are produced through economically efficient processes, with minimal environmental impact. For this exercise the students used Fungicel (an expanded polystyrene substitute) and Celium (a bacterial leather).

The exhibition shows the vision, processes and results of the exercise addressed by the students in search of expanding the applications of two materials developed by POLYBION in their plant, taking their processes to limits unknown to them and approaching possible new users and markets. The exercise generated enough knowledge for the company to identify both constraints and opportunities for improvement in its manufacturing and communication processes.

This is a sign that Design does not always manifest tangible, in this case we are pleased to understand and prove that our discipline is also a mean for research and knowledge generator.


27 students of FARQ (Faculty of Architecture) developed 9 different projects, in which they had to understand the materials from their production processes, properties, characteristics and purpose, to propose possible applications in markets unexplored by the company.

Pop Up Store (shelving system)
Modular system for pop up stores that, when disposed, does not cause ecological impact. Three basic elements were designed, being counter, display and shelving, they can be adapted to a wide variety of configurations.

  • Silvia Marisol Rangel Gonzalez
  • Andrea Varga Escamilla
  • María Fernanda Zepeda Sol

Siembra (pots)
Set of 3 containers for the cultivation of aromatic plants for cooking. Due to the characteristics of the bio composite Fungicel, they maintain humidity, temperature and provide nutrients to plants.

  • Carmen Monserrat Treviño Garza
  • Lorena Irais Vergara Ríos
  • Miguel Alfonso Zavala Carrizal

Panel 1532 (acoustic panel)
Modular acoustic panel created from the cymatics, the study of the art and science of sound geometry. The panel works for medium diffusion and isolation due to the 1532 Hz frequency pattern and the porous and rigid characteristics of Fungicel.

  • Alejandra Estefanía Escobedo Zavala
  • Hilda Mariana Garza Muñoz
  • Alfredo Vidales Perez

Feed (feeder for wild animals)
Biodegradable feeder to feed animals in natural parks. It has the purpose of educating the assistants of the parks on the correct feeding of animals. At the end of its life, the feeder returns to the environment, providing nutrients to plants and microorganisms in the area.

  • Yhael Melissa Cruz Arias
  • Mauricio De la Rosa Leal
  • Valeria Lizzet Perez Garza

Moon (modular furniture)
Modular furniture for recreational spaces. Thinking about the lightness and texture of Fungicel, the modules were designed with the purpose of interacting with them by accommodating them in different ways to create personalized spaces.

  • Irlanda Alanis Leal
  • Karla Naela Breton Miguel
  • Daniela Iruegas Gutiérrez

Xecha (backpack)
Light backpack designed for urban use. It is constructed from folds and assemblies. It seeks to denote simplicity from the manufacturing process, form and use. Made of Celium and organic wool felt.

  • Jose Pablo Escobedo Garza
  • Carlos Daniel Gutierrez Castro
  • María Ximena Villanueva Segovia

Nelum (umbrella)
Umbrella that was ideated from the analysis of the characteristics of Celium, taking advantage of its impermeability. Nelum seeks to break the paradigms of skin applications with a new substitute material.

  • Josseline Caronila Ferrara Pérez
  • Iris Victoria García Vázquez
  • Erick Salas Cazares

Hōhō (container)
Foldable container from a sheet of Celium, based on origami principles. Thanks to the properties of the material, it is possible to be thrown directly into a natural environment without damaging it.

  • Shanty Anhel Agudo Torres
  • Adriana Veronica Ayala Vazquez
  • Monica Alejandra Rodriguez Bernal

Quetzal (falconry cap)
Adjustable falconry cap made with Celium for use in falconry focused on the practice and conservation of the golden eagle.
The fastening element in the upper part to facilitate the falconer the adjustment of cap and seams to protect the eagle's eye.

  • Ana María Abigail Acosta de León
  • Osvaldo Silva Cuellar
  • Juan Manuel Sustaita Ortiz

The exhibition opening was held at the facilities of the Nave Generadores of the Parque Fundidora in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, on September 5, 2018. The event was attended by teachers and heads from the Industrial Design bachelor of the UANL, the founding members of the Polybion, as well as family members and classmates of the students.

In addition to the activities of the exhibition, guided visits were held throughout the month of exhibition by the students, ending the activities on October 7, 2018.

    Special thanks to:
  • UANL
  • FARQ
  • Marco Granados Ortiz
  • Armando Posada